Monday, 7 January 2013

Welcome - Introduction


Thousands around the world are touched by these words full of truth and poetry, humour and kindness...
We who understand English can taste all these beautiful flavours of Mooji's language. But there are less than 400 million native speakers, and those for whom it is a second language are just a bit more than that. There is no reason that the rest of mankind could not have full access to such a deep and life-changing wisdom.

One of the most efficient ways, free, fast and direct, is subtitling.

Whereas words of past Masters were notoriously modified or even mangled through time, modern technology gives us this undistorted rendering of a living Master speaking from Truth.

Every week, new translators join this noble and selfless enterprise with enthusiasm.

This blog is an attempt to facilitate and make more accessible the work we do together.

Now we have the ability to exchange our subs and translate them directly through the website amara:

Once a sub has been made in ONE language it is so much quicker to do it into ANY other one.
So pick up any one you love and do your country a beautiful favour....

Here you can see what is already available, the "official" page of playlists:

So you can also help in checking how up-to-date they are and reporting good translations we did not include there yet. And you can share, like no one else could, these precious videos to circles of friends and relatives...

More to come soon.

In love and oneness
The Mooji Sangha Subtitle Team

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